Virtual Screenings

While we are closed we are going to do our best to bring the movies to you! Starting on April 10th we will be able to begin directing you towards streamable content that will allow you to help us stay afloat in these difficult times. Please read the details below before moving onto any show and if any questions you have are not sufficiently answered, please feel free to contact us.

The virtual screening room is not something set up through The Cape Cinema directly. Instead we are working with distributors who will be providing film rentals for streaming purposes on a case-by-case basis. As such the ticket costs may vary, but we will present such details for each offering we can provide. Please note that there is no way for us to handle member pricing for these tickets as this is done differently than normal. For these screenings the distributor is getting the money from you and then paying us a percentage of that (normally this happens the other way around). As such we cannot accept any gift cards for these screenings.

Do not worry however! For those of you concerned about what this means for your memberships or gift cards, we have you covered. Gift cards will still be usable once we re-open and you can make it back into the Cinema. Additionally, we currently plan on extending memberships after this is all over to help make up for lost time.

As you purchase the rental/access to these films, please make sure to read the instructions provided by each individual distributor. It is likely that you will need to make an account in order to watch the films and you will have limited time-frames with which to watch it. We will do our best to provide any information here about each film, but do keep in mind we are not in direct control over those accounts, the streaming, or the transactions.

If you have any questions about acessing these films or how to get these films to cast to your television, please head on over to our FAQs page. If you cannot find the answers you are looking for there, please send us an e-mail, We will do our best to keep the FAQs up to date with any major questions we get as things progess.

Ursula von Rydingsvard:
Into Her Own

“I have been able to manipulate cedar in ways that are almost outrageous.” –Ursula von Rydingsvard

The sculptures are massive, yet strangely intimate, imbued with a primal energy. "Ursula von Rydingsvard: Into Her Own" is Daniel Traub's artistic biography of one of the few women in the world working in monumental sculpture. Von Rydingsvard’s work is held in the collections of The Museum of Modern Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, but she may be best-known for work in public spaces – imposing pieces painstakingly crafted.

Running time:57 minutes
Ticket Pricing: $9.99
Availability After Rental: 48 hours
Trailer Link: WATCH HERE

Ella Fitzgerald:
Just One Of Those Things

Ella Fitzgerald was a 15 year-old street kid when she won a talent contest in 1934 at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem. Within months she was a star. “Ella: Just One of Those Things” follows her extraordinary journey over six decades as her sublime voice transforms the tragedies of her own life and the troubles of her times into joy.

The film uses never-before-seen images and unheard interviews to bring Ella Fitzgerald to life and to tell the story of her music. - a black woman who makes her career in the face of horrifying racism.

Here is an Ella the world never knew – tough, thoughtful, funny, a dazzling musical innovator. The film also uncovers Ella’s commitment to the battle for Civil Rights; and it explores the conflicts that always haunted this intensely private woman: the struggle to reconcile her hunger for adoring audiences with her longing for a domestic life with her husband and son. At a time when she was the biggest singing star in the world, her pianist and friend Oscar Peterson said Ella was “the loneliest woman in the world”. But as Jamie Cullum says “her music is one of the reasons it’s worth being on this planet”.

Running time:1 hour 30 minutes
Ticket Pricing: $12.00
Availability After Rental: 3 days
Trailer Link: WATCH HERE

The Surrogate

Jess is thrilled to be the surrogate for her best friend and his husband, but when a prenatal test comes back positive, it creates a moral dilemma that threatens their friendship.

Running time:1 hour 33 minutes
Ticket Pricing: $12.00*
Availability After Rental: 3 days
Trailer Link: WATCH HERE
*will show as $18 but you get a $6 discount through our link

Picture of His Life

Amos Nachoum is one of the greatest underwater photographers of all times. Fascinated by the most fearsome creatures on Earth, he has developed a unique approach, that puts him face to face with his subjects, without any protection.

He swam with crocodiles and killer whales, with anacondas and with great white sharks but one major predator has always eluded him, the Polar bear. He tried before and barely escaped, but now, after four decades in the wilderness, Amos is determined to give it one last shot. The danger is real, perhaps more real than ever, but this is his last chance to get the picture of a lifetime.

As the journey unfolds, Amos contemplates the series of unspoken events that drove him here, to the end of the world. It has been a long and painful journey, after serving in an Elite Commando unit and witnessing the horrors of war, but where others find fear, Amos finds redemption.

Running time:1 hour 15 minutes
Ticket Pricing: $9.99
Availability After Rental: 3 days
Trailer Link: WATCH HERE