Concerts 2019

Get ready for another great summer with the Cape Cinema! Join us this summer for more live concerts featuring some of the greatest indie bands around. Below you will find the current list of shows booked for the summer and links to where you can purcahse tickets as they go on sale!


Opening Act: NOVA ONE

August 9th @ 8:00 PM
Doors open @ 7:00 PM

Rubblebucket: Rubblebucket is many things and nothing at all; it's a mindset, a legend, a feeling, a mystery; a mischievous, playful, boundary-smashing blast of sound that you can sit still and wonder at, or turn off your mind and dance move wildly to. Or both at the same time. As Kalmia said, when she handed me one of her now-famous peanut butter, cheddar cheese, cabbage, honey tacos, "This is the weirdest, most delicious thing you will ever taste." And if you won't take it on my authority, take it on the authority of a small, but reputable publication called Rolling Stone, reporting from Bonnaroo: "Rubblebucket revved up like an indie-rock Miami Sound Machine, dancers, horns and all." And if you won't take it on Rolling Stone's authority, cleave to the words of our dad, Tim Traver: (most widely known for his role as Silhouette Man in the "Silly Fathers" music video): "Kids these days." (From the Paradigm Talent page)

NOVA ONE: "Dust off your pastel peach wigs and little black dresses - it’s time to get down with NOVA ONE. Sleek and refined yet heart-wrenchlingly intimate, Roz Raskin and friends create some of the most dreamy minimalistic pop you’ll ever hear. NOVA ONE’s billowy yet gloomy sound evokes a haunting post-modernist feeling, but one you can’t help but sway to. Despite any traces of futurist pop, there is a timeless energy to their 2018 release, secret princess. It’s truly a testament to the universal nature of wishing to be wanted and feeling out of place in society. With NOVA ONE, we are given a chance to celebrate our own insecurities and revel in the feeling of longing. " (From Phluff artist spotight)