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The Cape Cinema has been one the premier destinations for entertainment on Cape Cod since 1930 and continues to be committed remaining such. While most of the website features upcoming events ranging from movies and theatrical performances to concerts and the ballet, this page can fill you in on some of the most frquent concerns to those visiting the Cinema. Just follow the links above if you have specific questions or simply want to get to know the history of our establishment a little better.

Where We're Located

You can find the Cape Cinema by entering our address (35 Hope Lane in Dennis, Massachusetts) into your GPS or by using the map below to help you get directions.

Have Questions Or Concerns?

There are a couple of ways that you can contact us if you have any questions about our facilities, upcoming events, using the Cinema as a venue for your event, or concerns about your visit. One the easiest ways to get in touch with us is by sending us an email at inquiries@capecinema.com and explaining what it is you are looking to know more about. You can also call 508-385-2503 to listen to a recording of our current films and events or you may call our office line at 508-385-5644 to talk to one of us. We will help you in any way we can but please note that we cannot always pick up right away. If you miss us please leave you name, number, and question and we will get in touch as soon as we are able. Finally, all tickets should be purchased at box office or online if you want them ahead of time.

When Are We Open?

Our hours of business vary depending on the film(s) being played, the day of the week, and scheduled events. Almost everyday you can find someone in box office between 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm. Our doors will open 30 minutes before all regular shows and one hour before major events. For large-scale events such as concerts, we will have the doors closed and locked until one hour before the show in order to set-up and we might not be available to help at that time. If you are looking to arrive early for the first show or stop by after the last goes in for a purchase, please keep in mind that we will be in the process of opening/closing and might not be able to help you with every kind of purchase before/after the terminals are ready. For the most help we suggest arriving around 30 minutes after a regularly scheduled film as begun during the day!

Ticket Pricing

The Cape Cinema is proud to offer some of the best pricing for entertainment around (especially for a cinema!). Our regular ticket prices remain the same all day and begin at $10.00 for adults. Seniors get a price of $8.00 ($2.00 savings!) all day and children aged 12 and under get in for just $6.50!! Members get an even better deal on tickets all year round and more information can be found by going over to this page. We should also mention that just because our tickets are a bargain, that doesn't mean our concessions are going to rip you off! Rest assured we have some of the most reasonable prices around for fresh popcorn, soda, candy and more!


The first step in making our Cinema the place to be for everyone is to make sure that those who need to can get in without the use of stairs. On the left side of our building (facing the entrance) is a walkway with a handicap accessible door. This door can be opened from the inside by a friend or companion and also has a door bell if you need one of the staff to come open it for you. Give us a moment to get between customers and we will be right down! Just make sure to double check the scheduled times for first shows, especially on days with poor weather conditions so you don't have to wait any longer than necessary.

If you are someone with a leg or foot injury that needs space to stretch out, we are happy to help you find one of our isle seats, there should be no need to sit in the front row if you don't want to. There is also space for those in wheelchairs and, if space is unavailable, we would be happy to make some by moving one of our seats for you.


Our main restrooms are located on either side of the lobby. While these restrooms are downstairs due to the building's design we do have a gender neutral, handicap accessible bathroom on the first floor of the lobby. If there are any problems locating any of the bathrooms (or if papertowels ever run out!) just let us know!

Film Captioning

Generally speaking, any foreign films that we play come with captioning build into the film. For those who are hard of hearing or have problems understanding strong accents (a common occurrance), we have a few options. First we offer Open Captions when it is available. What does this mean? Open Captions are similar to those of foreign films. These are not the captions found on your TV or similar device where they are written live by a person or computer. Open Captions are prewritten and added directly into the film to make sure they are accurate and timely.

What this does mean, however, is that not all films have Open Captions available. Smaller films especially, are unlikely to have this feature available and it is best to check our listings or give us a call before coming in. On this site you will find (almost always) an OC next to the time for a film if it will have Open Captions. Additionally, we always schedule those showings on Tuesdays as the first afternoon show. Keep in mind, on the rare occassions with morning shows this will still be the first afternoon show so make sure you come to the right one for you!

Hearing Devices

While we cannot hold every show in Open Captions, we do have an alternative to allow you to enjoy the film. If you are hard of hearing we can provide a set of wireless headphones for use during the film. The have worked quite well for many of our visitors over the years and we have at least 6 available for each show. When you purchase your tickets just ask box office about them and we can provide you with a set and instructions on how to use them.

When you do use them, all we ask is that you give us an ID of some form to hold on to. This helps remind you to return the headset and helps us get in touch with you if you accidentally take them home (it happens!). Each set has volume knobs on each ear and we will make sure to turn the set on and show you where those volume adjustments are located. Finally, make sure you don't sit below the balacony as it tends to block the signal and you won't hear anything.