September 19 - 25 Daily: 2, 4:30 & 7
September 26 - October 2 Daily: 4:30

The acclaimed Israel Horovitz, one of the most produced American playwrights in French theatre history and founding Artistic Director of both the Gloucester Stage Company and the New York Playwrights Lab who also has written for the screen before makes his directorial debut of a feature film with his own adaptation of his stage play. Screened at the recent Toronto International Film Festival in the Special Presentations section, the dramatic comedy stars Maggie Smith, Kevin Kline, and Kristin Scott Thomas.

Kline plays Mathias Gold, an American self-described as a man born with a silver knife in his back, who inherits an apartment in Paris. When he travels there to liquidate the huge valuable property, he learns that it comes with a most unexpected feature - a 90-year-old resident, Mathilde Girard (Smith) living there with her incredibly protective daughter, Chloe (Scott Thomas) who reveal some startling information about his estranged father. Horovitz has said: Of all my stage plays, My Old Lady is my very favorite. For years, this play has cried out to me to be seen in its Paris setting, to become a film…to create this film with Maggie Smith, Kevin Kline, Kristin Scott Thomas and Dominique Pinon is beyond thrilling. For me, this defines thrilling. (PG-13, 107 mins.)


The Trip to Italy

September 26 - October 2 Daily: 2 &7

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon reunite with writer-director Michael Winterbottom for his follow-up to 2010’s The Trip. His new affable little film will likely make you crave a bowl of fresh-made pasta in seafood sauce, a glass of Frascati, and a room with a view on the Amalfi coast. A big postcard for the Italian tourism industry, this film will rekindle an appreciation for that special friend (or friends) with whom you can always be yourself, who knows how to make you laugh, who accepts you without judgment and without fail. The two Brits on the cusp of middle-age tour Italy in a Fiat convertible, wining and dining their way in a travelogue of breathtaking beauty accompanied by the endlessly entertaining chatter of two best friends. Little drama transpires during this Roman (and Tuscan/Sicilian/Amalfi) holiday but you’ll nevertheless be enchanted, not only by the magnificent scenery and mouth-watering food on display but more so by the relationship between two guys attached at the funny-bone. (NR, 108 mins.)