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At the heart of this film is the incredible system of "dabbawallahs," a community of lunchbox delivery men who deliver thousands of hot meals cooked by housewives every morning and deposited on their husbands' office desks. A mistaken delivery in the famously efficient delivery system connects a neglected young housewife to a solitary widower on the brink of retirement who ultimately use handwritten notes in a lunchbox to unburden their thoughts, relieved at having a confidante in each other.  Writer-director Ritesh Batra’s smart but unpretentious first feature offers a delicate trip through human relations in teeming Mumbai. Within the celebration of 100 years of Indian cinema, this film, considered a nostalgic throwback to the Satyajit Ray heyday of Indian arthouse cinema - though admittedly lacking much of Ray's sociopolitical spice - is a departure from traditional Bollywood melodramas that make up the bulk of Indian production as it blends teasing comic romance with a not-unrealistic portrait of modern Mumbai. (PG, 104 mins., Hindi with subtitles & English)